Saying Goodbye to Paper Waste

Since moving into our home I have been able to more accurately calculate how much paper and trash we produce on a weekly basis. I have watched our usage trends since January 2018 and was shocked when I realized how much unnecessary waste our home of two produced. On average our household uses 1 roll of paper... Continue Reading →


Zero Waste Homestead, Part #1

I'll be the first to tell you, our home is not a zero waste environment, at least not yet. We do so many things and have tons of items that contribute to the amount of waste in our community. Plastic bottles, plastic bags, food packaging, harsh chemicals, paper towels, grocery bags, the list could go... Continue Reading →

A Hard Lesson in Homesteading

We’re in the beginning stages of our homesteading journey and we’ve already come across our first hard lesson. On Saturday I had a coworker who is an ex-cop and fellow homesteader inform me that I may have too many chickens for my area. (I have 12 chicks) This came as a shock to me since... Continue Reading →

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