How “Power Hour” Changed My Life

Sometime between work, and cleaning, and making dinner, and running, I realized I needed to do better. I needed to be able to sit down and rest without feeling guilty. I needed to be able to take the time to shop or do makeup or paint my nails without feeling like there's something more productive... Continue Reading →


Raising Dogs & Chickens Together

Chickens & Dogs together generally spells as a recipe for disaster. We have learned this lesson the hard way through the loss of 8 chickens and my favorite duck, Daffey. So how did we conquer this potentially tragic mix on our homestead? The Story When we lost our first 8 chickens we were honestly shocked!... Continue Reading →

Fall: A Season to Renew & Refesh

September is just around the corner and we here at The Little Blue Homestead are fully embracing the (slightly) cooler weather. If you're anything like us summertime was spent focusing on enjoying time outdoors over having a perfectly kept house and schedule. While we love the relaxed schedule of that time of year there's just... Continue Reading →

Raising Chickens for the First Time

Chickens are usually one of the first steps people take toward becoming homesteaders. They are classified as farm animals but they take up less space, they're relatively cheap, and they're easy to care for. When I say easy to care for, I mean REALLY easy! I spend less than 10 minutes a day on chicken... Continue Reading →

Our Homestead Oasis

Our homestead is an oasis. When we first moved to our home it was an empty house, an open canvas, with a messy/trash filled yard, on the corner lot in an unsafe neighborhood. After spending months living in a hotel because our RV flooded and was destroyed this house with nothing in it was perfection!... Continue Reading →

The Homesteading Disaster

Sometimes Homesteading is an adventures, sometimes it's a disaster, whichever way it goes it's always an experience. Before you jump full force into our Homesteaders Skincare Recipe, in full disclosure, there is something I should tell you. While this is great for humans, and safe for us to use on our skin and even eat,... Continue Reading →

Homesteading Your Skincare

Skincare has always been an area of struggle for me.. For as long as I can remember I've battled dry skin, oily skin, and constant breakouts. I've tried cutting dairy, being vegan, cutting gluten, backing off of unnatural sugars and still nothing worked to heal my face. So I gave up. For the longest time I thought... Continue Reading →

First Year of Marriage

One year ago today May 5th, 2017 we were married! It was a Friday evening on a golf course in Pennsylvania! It was a beautiful, wonderful, and magical day, in every sense of the word. Back then we had no idea we would be homesteaders (or that we'd even own a home at this point) and... Continue Reading →

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