2019 Must Have Apps

As we look toward the new year and make plans to reset and refresh our lives there are thousands of goals, tasks, plans and ideas screaming for our attention. Whether you are making goals to eat healthier, workout more, be a better employee, rest more, read more, or wanting to better yourself in some other... Continue Reading →

Creating A Life You Love

The older I get the more I realize that life is too short to spend doing things you hate. Hate mowing the grass, hire someone to do it! Hate bathing your dogs outsource the task. Hate grocery shopping, get them delivered for a nominal fee. I know this probably sounds crazy coming from a homesteader.... Continue Reading →

How We Became Homesteaders

Never once in my youth did I think I'd someday become a homesteader. I never thought I'd have an interest in growing my own herbs, learning about true honey vs. honey shipped into the USA, or knowing what "free range" eggs bought from the store really means. Growing up I had never truly realized the... Continue Reading →

Does Nobody Else Work?

On more than one occasion I've had a pity party for myself about going to work. Anyone else with me? I've scrolled through Instagram at lunchtime to see friends at the beach, friends on a cruise, friends visiting Disney meanwhile I'm just trying to be the best wife I can be by cleaning my house... Continue Reading →

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