2019 Must Have Apps

As we look toward the new year and make plans to reset and refresh our lives there are thousands of goals, tasks, plans and ideas screaming for our attention. Whether you are making goals to eat healthier, workout more, be a better employee, rest more, read more, or wanting to better yourself in some other way you can always be sure that there is an app for it! So today I wanted to share with you my top 10 must have apps as we look towards the new year.

  • Map My Run

At some point in time during college I realized that my highschool body was no more and I had gained quite a bit of weight. I knew my self control to eat heath was subpar so instead I decided to persue running. I tried out several running apps but go to “Map My Run” and never looked back. This app is excellent for tracking your workout even if it’s not a run. I use it to track runs, walks, and bike rides as well. The best part about it is that I can log into my account on my laptop as well to better see my running history as well as specific areas and times that I continuously slow down on a run. They also have running challenges within the app, facebook support groups, and even an option to share your running routes so you can see and learn from other peoples running patterns in your area.

When I first started running I determined to just run “run from one mailbox, walk to the next” and then repeating that pattern for only 1 mile first. These intervals helped me build up the stamina and with time (and the delay of a broken foot) I was able to run my first half-marathon after less than 2 years of running and training.

  • Lose It

Around the same time that I discovered “Map My Run” I came across “Lose It”. This is a great app if you are looking to lose weight or even gain it! It is also a good place to just store information about what you eat on a daily basis so you can learn your patterns, habits, and ways to improve. This app helped me realize the pattern that every time I drank soda I ended up feeling extremely sick. It helped me have no problem with cutting that out of my life and then ultimately losing 40+ pounds in less than a year

  • Ibotta

We all love a good deal right? Well Ibotta helps you get money back when you shop. There are different methods on how to use this app but for me I love to make my grocery shopping list and then head over to Ibotta to see what deals they have going on. For example, I might put down that my husband wants “Cereal” so I go to Ibotta to see what cereal is getting cash back deals that day. Sometimes the generic item is still a better value than the name brand discount you can get with Ibotta but other times you’re literally getting paid to shop. I’ve been using this app occasionally over the past year and a half and have made over $100 through just shopping like I usually would but incorporating this app into my routine.

  • Swagbucks

If you ever find yourself mindlessly staring at your phone, you could really be getting paid to do that! Swagbucks pays you to search different things, answer polls, and do surveys. Some people like to use this app for getting money back while shopping online or through the other things they have available but I use it just occasionally when I’m sitting in front of the TV, riding in the car, or have nothing better to do. It doesn’t earn me much but I usually get around $3-$15 worth of Amazon gift cards from casually using this site each month and free money is definitely something I can’t complain about.

  • YourHour

There’s 1000x apps out there just like this one but I use it because it’s free. YourHour tracks your phone usage, tells you when you’ve been on something for too long, or tracks how many times you unlock your screen. If you are looking to cut down on phone usage, social media usage, texting, or whatever other bad phone habit you may have this apps for you! There’s others out there that are probably even better than this but I like YourHour because it’s free.

  • Walmart

Good ‘ole Walmart saves the day, over and over again! I keep the Walmart app on my phone to help me stay on track with my budget, price shop, and to figure out what they have in stock before I even get to the store. In my dream world I’d probably always shop at Publix, WholeFoods, or our local organic grocery store Evermanns, but I work hard for my money and have a budget to keep so often Walmart is the place to go.

  • Everydollar

Around the time that we found out we were having a baby we decided to get serious about our finances and pay off as much debt as possible as fast as we can! I became the budgeter and started entering everything into the Everydollar app. It has changed the way I view our finances and has helped me to stay motivated as we pursue a debt free lifestyle.

  • Spotify

Over the past year I have worked hard to cut out clutter and extra noise in my life and Spotify is one of those things that is 100% worth the money you spend on it. Music without ads, personalized playlists, and podcasts available to listen as you please! This app may see like an extra budget expense but truly it is a simple luxury worth having!

  • LastPass

This app is a complete game changer. I used to always forget my passwords but ever since getting LastPass in June I’ve felt more organized, more efficient, and 100% more on top of my password game. I just use the free version since we are still pursuing the debt free life but LastPass is an app I can see a ton of value in investing in the full version.

  • Arlo & SmartThings

Once we knew we’d be purchasing a home having a security system with cameras was important to us. As the world get’s crazier we wanted to make sure we are protecting ourselves against thieves, criminals, and people wanting to make a quick $ from a lawsuit. As dog owners we know that often people will do something to intentionally mess with or provoke your dog and then attempt to sue you so we wanted to protect ourselves by having it all on camera. So far we have been fortunate to never have anything serious happen but have caught some pretty funny footage of our dogs, each other, and the occasional delivery man who doesn’t watch his step in the dogs portion of our yard.

If you have other app recommendations feel free to leave them in the comments below. I’m always on the lookout for new things that will help improve my life and make me a better, healthier, more efficient person. Less time spent budgeting, planning, trying to remember passwords, etc means more time spent homesteading and enjoying time with friends and family! Thanks for reading and as always feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, opinions, or list additions below!

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