Minimalist Packing Tips

One of the biggest parts of homesteading, for me, is being a minimalist! Through homesteading I’ve realized how much excess most Americans live with and I work constantly to remove this excess from my life. Whether it be through the clothes I wear, the food I eat, or the way I spend my time, homesteading has taught me true efficiency and with that efficiency comes a genuine strive and appreciations for minimalism. Last week I had the incredible opportunity to attend a conference for work in Las Vegas. It was a 4 day, 3 night trip which made for the perfect chance for me to stretch my minimalist muscles and think about how I can travel with just what is enough.

What I Wore:

  • Monday (Travel Day) – I wore a simple black t-shirt dress with some white stitching and pockets. It was cool, comfortable, and easy to travel and maneuver through planes and airports.
  • Tuesday, Day #1 – On Tuesday I wore a black dress with a green sarong. This outfit is one of my current favorites! It’s comfortable but makes you look and feel a little more dressed up without sacrificing any of the benefits you’d want in a work outfit (minus the pockets)
  • Wednesday, Day #2 – On Wednesday I wore a blue Banana Republic dress that I purchased on clearance at Marshalls a few months back. I think I spent about $15 on it and it has been one of my top go-to outfits for a clean, classy look.
  • Thursday, Day #3 – On Thursday, I wore a navy and pink striped maternity dress that I purchased on clearance at Target for $12. This dress met all of my goals for comfort, reliability and easy to wear.
  • Friday, Day #4 – On Friday, I wore jeans, a black tank and a heavy knit sweater that I brought along just in case I got cold.

In addition to this basic staple wardrobe I brought 2 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts. These were for use during travel if necessary, to sleep in, or to workout if I felt the urge to hit the gym. For accessories I also brought:

  • 1 pair of brown sandals that I wore everywhere and logged over 58,000 steps in these shoes during my trip.
  • 1 pair of Birkenstock knock-offs. I used these around the hotel room and as a backup just in case anything happened to my beloved brown sandals
  • 1 necklace that was able to go with my Tuesday & Friday outfit
  • 2 bracelets
  • 1 pair of earrings

I fit this all into a free duffle bag that I used as a carry-on during the flights. That means by packing minimally I saved $50. (WIN!)

As a personal item for my travels I brought my backpack which contained my laptop, a notebook, a hairbrush, wallet, and my purse. I also brought along a book to read during the flights but I honestly didn’t even open it up! I was so exhausted that I tried to sleep the entire time and when I was awake, I had zero energy to be reading!

What I Would Have Done Differently? 

I’ll admit, it was rather annoying at times to be lugging around 2 bags during my travels but it was so worth it to save money and time at the airport! If I had the right bag for it or didn’t need to bring my laptop, in the future I’ll probably only bring 1 bag on this type of trip because there was a lot of wasted space in my backpack.

I also probably would have brought a sweatshirt because hotels and airplanes get chilly. While I was thankful to have my big knit sweater there’s just something about a sweatshirt that does the job so much better where your freezing!

My Best Advice

  • Visualize. Before you ever pull anything out of your closet to pack, try to visualize yourself on the trip. What will you be doing? Where will you be? What is the weather like? How many places will you be going each day? Visualize all of this and then decide what you need and go from there.
  • Dresses! I could probably write a book about why dresses are better when you’re packing for a trip! They roll easy, they’re typically lighter, there’s only 1 item instead of 2. If your trip allows pack dresses instead of pants or shorts for each day. You’ll save space, laundry, and pounds if you’re worried about those airport luggage weight limits.
  • Don’t Doomsday Prep. I don’t know about you, but before pursuing a more minimalist lifestyle I packed for every trip like I was about to move out. I had the “if it fits, it ships” mentality. I’d cram every item I could into my luggage only to come home from a trip having not worn half of what I brought. Remember, you’re going on a trip, not moving out! Pack light and if you need to have more wash what you already brought or buy what you need where you will be (Bonus: a useful souvenir)

If this post was helpful for you please let us know in the comments below or by sharing with us on our Instagram @homestead_it Thank you for reading and we hope you’ll stop by again for our next post where we’ll be sharing the perfect meal for Slow cooker Sunday.

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