Self Care for Homesteaders

Felix works long days, works out, does jeep stuff, and does school work in his free time. I care for chickens, ducks, and dogs. I clean our home, cook 99% of our meals, manage the budget, do laundry, write for this blog, work a full time day job, and feel that I endlessly have no time for myself. Anyone with me? I saw a recent picture of myself the other day and thought – “Wow, I look terrible.” Not terrible because I’m pregnant but terrible because it looked like I didn’t care for myself, and when it came down to it, I  I didn’t. I constantly was taking care of others, taking care of my home and working. I had become so focused on taking care of everything and everyone else but when it really came down to it, I was in desperate need of some time and money spent investing in myself.

After a few months of planning and saving. I started investing in me! I invested in my hair, in my makeup, in finally buying the contacts after months of wearing glasses. I needed to spend some hard earned money and well planned time on me! Anyone else been there? So I set aside some time to make myself the best wife, future mother, employee, friend, and person I can be. To do this I broke all of the “need investments” areas of my life down by category. Here’s the list of ways I decided to care for myself and what I did to get me there.

  1. Physically

Starting on October 1st I determined that I’d spend time every morning moving my body and taking the time to invest in myself physically. Every morning I turn on the fireplace or light some candles or pull back the curtains, put the dogs outside or in a different room and move my body. Whether its yoga, 10 minutes of stretching out any place that’s sore, or a high intensity cardio workout, I get moving and set the tone for a healthy day.

In addition to getting exercise I determined to do my makeup at least 6 days a week. This has helped add routine to my day as well as starting things out on the right foot because, “when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good!”. It also helps the shock factor when you look in the mirror and don’t see a half asleep zombie. I’ve made plans to buy new makeup soon and my friend Whitney Beam a Mary Kay rep here in Pensacola gave me a free Mascara at the beginning of the month! (Which I LOVE and plan to purchase in the future)


The third thing I’ve added to invest in myself physically is to add a piece of jewelry. Whether it be a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, I’ve determined that at least 6 days a week I’ll wear a piece of jewelry! This makes me feel put together and helps me plan my outfit out for the day. Adding jewelry to every outfit has also made me acutely aware of textures that go best together and helps me feel my best every day just by adding this simple touch.

    2. Spiritually

For the longest time a friend of mine had been inviting me to a weekly Bible study and each time I wanted to go but just didn’t have the time. From work events, to personal business projects, there was always some reason I couldn’t go. I determined that as much as possible, every Tuesday, I’d make myself free to be able to join in at the Bible study! Due to travel and Hurricane Michael I’ve only made it to first meeting but even then my spiritual cup was filled up by the fellowship and diving into studying Gods love for us.


The second thing I determined to do to fill myself up spiritually was, go to church! This should automatically be a no-brainer but throughout the summer and even into September it seemed that every little thing would come up on a Sunday. From car troubles to urgent house work, to unplanned trips, Sundays seemed to get hit with everything that would make it impossible to get to church and I determined to not let that trend carry into October!

     3. Mentally

When you’re working, blogging, running a small business, and battling “baby brain” (Insert your own “To-Do List” here) your mental state becomes exhausted.  I started to notice this about myself and was determined to battle this mental fatigue. To overcome this I decided to allow true mental breaks. Time spent scrolling on Pinterest, time to sit and listen to music, time to light a small bonfire in the backyard and watch the chickens and ducks run around and explore the backyard. Mentally, I’ve found that these planned out intentional breaks have made me a better worker and a more critical thinker when it comes to things that truly matter because I feel rested, refreshed, and like my

    4. Emotionally

People love to talk about how emotion women are and how emotional pregnant women are even more! To battle being the “emotional crazy pregnant lady” and to invest in my emotional well being, I’ve tried to add organization into every aspect of the day. My phone, my calendar, my meal plan for the week, my daily chores, everything!

When it’s all planned out I know exactly what to expect and it is no longer a “what do I feel like today” decision but rather a “what’s on the schedule for today”. Eliminating the opportunity for extra choices and decisions helps cut out tons of emotional stress in the day to day decisions of life. Bonus: it also saves time because I’m not standing around being indecisive about things. 

    5. Financially


I find investing in myself financially to be the toughest category to tackle. I’m so used to saying “no” to myself, my wants and desires that intentionally spending money on myself was difficult at first. To help battle the feeling that what I might purchase would ruin my plans to budget and become debt free I recently began using the Every Dollar website. About a year ago I had tried the app and it just wasn’t for me but trying the app in conjunction with the website was a game changer! I love being able to digitally track and see where my money is going and it has really helped to keep my husband and I on the same page when it comes to the budget. This month, he was able to get some expensive snorkel gear without me having to really think twice about it because I knew we had room in our budget. I was able to get some shoes and maternity clothes without feeling anxious about my purchases because I had planned to invest in myself this way ahead of time. Another way to invest in yourself financially is to read the blog Fun, Cheap or Free! This has given me dozens of new ideas on ways I can live frugally while investing in myself without the panic I used to get by reading some budgeting and debt payoff plans!


A way I’ve found to invest in myself that really hits on every aspect of investing in me is to sell stuff! Books, clothes, RV specific items, good but old things we no longer have use for, I’m selling it! This has lightened the burden in each category by:

  1. Lightening the physical burden of “too much stuff syndrome”,
  2. Continuously been a spiritual reminder that this world isn’t my eternal home and things aren’t truly that important
  3. Made room for further mental clarity by removing physical items that I no longer have to keep track of
  4. Cleared up some decision making by emotionally letting go of items that would be of better use to someone else and leaving me with only items that I truly love.
  5. Financially been an asset because I’m making extra money to help get me to my financial goals faster.

Whether you need to invest in yourself in one or all of these categories take the time to do what’s necessary to make yourself a better person. Your boss, family, friends, and coworkers will thank you for it! When you fill up your cup and take care of yourself you are equipped and ready to help those around you as well. Don’t be afraid to invest in you! Do it intentionally and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

Have additional tips, tricks or advice about investing in yourself? Share in the comments below or on the correlating post over on Instagram @homestead_it. We’d love to hear what you have to say about investing in YOU! 

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    1. Thank you I just read your post about loving what you do and and ❤ it!!! Although were at different stages in life yet able to fully appreciate each others perspective on what is currently going on in the world around us and how we can do and be better versions of ourselves!


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