Baby Gender Reveal

If you haven’t already heard, we are expecting our first child by the end of January!

We’re excited.

We’re nervous.

We’re planning.

And we’re thinking, what?!? Life is happening so fast!

When we first found out it came as a total shock! I had just recently switched over to an amazing new job after a rough go of it with employers. (We’re talking lying bosses who hire for marketing and then having you doing data entry, a criminal boss, and then a stint of freelance work) But that’s a story for another day. This job I have now is a dream! I love the work I do, the people I work with, and love the fact that it’s just minutes from our home! So to find out we’re expecting just a short while after starting a new job threw a huge curve ball our way! After getting over the initial shock, we scheduled a doctors appointment and about 5 weeks later we’re able to get in and be seen.

Felix had been having different dreams since we found out and kept thinking that we would definitely be having a girl. I wasn’t so sure. After looking up the different symptoms of boy vs. girl I could hardly make up my mind. I had a few symptoms of each. Still, because of Felix being so sure I did what every rational person would do and began looking at girl stuff online! and wow!


To say I was overwhelmed by all the different things you “need” for a baby is an understatement. To say I was overwhelmed by all the things you need for a baby girl, yeah, I thought I might need to take out a loan or get a second job! I’m a designer at heart and baby stuff naturally lends itself to ugly designs. Bright, bold colors & terrifying pattern mixes assaulted my eyes. My eyes nearly bleed when I walk up and down the store isles for most baby items.

So what are we having? A BOY! After the excitement over learning our babies gender it came with tons of new terrifying realizations for me!

  1. I’m going to be outnumbered boys! Unless you count the chickens. (My “she flock” of 6 girls and 1 boy duck is still going strong!
  2. I have so much to learn. Boys are completely different than girls, I can hardly understand my husband most days and now we’re adding another guy to the mix!
  3. More football. (Felix played college football last year and I have had my fill of the sport for a lifetime)
  4. My husbands personal jeep club is growing by +1
Cute outfit my mom bought baby Toussaint (I believe it’s from Carters)

With these realizations came a whole host of revealing thoughts too. I can forget that baby loan. (Win) Boy items seem to come in less design offensive patterns. (Win) Since it’s a boy we’re probably getting another Rottweiler. (Loss) We each have our own dog for safety and security purposes and we plan to eventually get our baby his own dog too.  I said goodbye to getting a Brittany Spaniel or a Bernese Mountain Dog anytime soon knowing Felix will probably pick another Rottweiler or similar power breed.

Sadie loves hanging out in Baby’s future room whenever I accidently leave the door open. I think they’re going to be great friends!

As I write this, we are at 24 weeks and completely focused on baby room décor right now! We’re selling the guest room furniture and I’ve saved a plethora of boy room ideas and things I can make to keep baby on budget while still creating a fabulous space that baby (and ourselves) will love for days to come!

We’re still trying to decide on a color for the nursery. If you have cute nursery inspiration please send it our way!

Names? This one we don’t have figured out completely yet. Some days I think I for sure have settled on a name then the next day I think that something more common would be better. We have the first name solidified, but our baby will more than likely go by his middle name which feels like A TON of pressure! If you have baby name suggestions, leave them in the comments below! I’d love to hear other ideas!

Boy moms (or really just moms) if you have any mom/baby care advice feel free to send it my way! I can use all the advice I can get and am completely open to others thoughts and opinions even if they contradict my own! Feel free to leave something here in the comments or head over to my Instagram @homestead_it and comment on my corresponding post over there! 

5 thoughts on “Baby Gender Reveal

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  1. Vaseline in a squeeze tube is a must after circumcision (if you choose that). Huggies seemed to hold better in the front for our boy. Having a boy first will break you of so many anxieties with future kids. And boy moms are awesome! The bond I have with my bubba is amazing, he is 9 now. Dress him in the cute preppy outfits now, it won’t be long before all he will wear is basketball shorts! Congratulations! It’s going to be an amazing adventure!


  2. totally agree and was going to list – Candice’s remark.. keep boy parts covered when changing or you will be squirted or the wall will be …


  3. 1. Use pacifiers from the beginning. It is much easier to take it away when they are toddlers than if they suck their fingers/thumbs.
    2. Keep it simple with all the baby “stuff” They grow so fast that a lot of it becomes useless very quickly.

    We are super excited for you all!!


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