How “Power Hour” Changed My Life

20181002_153812Sometime between work, and cleaning, and making dinner, and running, I realized I needed to do better. I needed to be able to sit down and rest without feeling guilty. I needed to be able to take the time to shop or do makeup or paint my nails without feeling like there’s something more productive for me to be doing at that exact moment, so I created “Power Hour”.

Power Hour is setting aside 1 hour of your day to get as much done as you possibly can. No phones, no music, no stopping to check emails, no distractions. Just you, your tasks, and 1 hour to get things done! My favorite time to do power hour is usually my lunch break! After sitting at a desk for half the day the chance to get up and moving is welcomed! The exact  content for power hour changes from day to day but typically, for me it’s cleaning. I’ll vacuum, fold laundry, dust, clean surfaces, go through the mails, pay bills, wash dishes, clean out the fridge, or do as much of whatever task I need done within 1 hour. Usually it’s some type of active housework but sometimes power hour means writing a blog or cleaning out my inbox. No matter what, Power Hour is a vital part to any successful day. With so many things going on, and so much to get done, here are 3 tips on how I make power hour happen each and every day.

     1. How to Prep For Power Hour?

Power Hour doesn’t happen by accident. Before I ever actually get to the hour I have intentionally planned to spend an entire hour doing something (or a list of things). Just this past Monday I decided to use power hour to clean our bedroom that hadquickly become a mess while we had people in town visiting. Clothes were everywhere. Dog hair was all over the floor from 3 days of me slacking on vacuuming , and the bedding needed changed. I used Power Hour to get as much of the room cleaned up within that 1 hour time constraint! I vacuumed until the vacuums battery died (approximately 15 minutes) I folded laundry, I set aside mismatched socks, I got the job done! Now truth be told, the project was so big I didn’t finish the whole thing during Power Hour. My husband actually came through and saved the day by fully cleaning under the bed, going through his clothes, and setting aside things he didn’t want or don’t belong in our bedroom. Power Hour may not have been enough time to get the whole job done but it certainly made a difference by putting us in the right direction because we planned to have a successful hour of cleaning.

      2. How to Have a Successful Power Hour?

Turn off the TV. Put your phone on silent. Turn down the music. Put the dogs away. Make your kids have some quiet time or have them join in and get stuff done. If you’re constantly being interrupted Power Hour isn’t going to happen. You can turn off the noise for one whole hour to fully focus on cleaning, organizing, or checking off whatever has been sitting on that to-do list for too long. I’ve found that by limiting distractions and apply the plan I’ve made Power Hour becomes a successful part of my day.

     3. How to Find time for Power Hour?

It’s easy to think “I don’t even have a spare 10 minutes, how could I have a whole hour.” Look, I hear you! Initially, finding an hour can be tough. Between family, home, work, and social life it seems our time is forever stretched to the max already but hear me out. Planning to spend one whole hour knocking out your to-do list will make all the difference. Clean our room means I spend less time looking for something to wear because it’s exactly where it should be, saving me maybe 5 minutes each morning. (small win) Also, having the room organized and orderly means I’m not searching under the bed or dressers for lost shoes, saving me maybe another 5 minutes (small win). My Jewelry isn’t strewn around the room and is instead exactly where it belongs (another small win) you feel me? These small wins add up throughout the day to make your life as streamlined and stress free as possible! Consistently practicing Power Hour will win you time back in your life when you need it most which means more time spent with family and less time spent stressing the little things.

I’ve been practicing Power Hour for a little over a month now, and it has completely changed my life! I’m more scheduled, more organized, more calm when little things come up because my life is being run decently and in order and I know that everyday I’ve planned to spend 1 hour improving myself, my home, or my life.

How can you add Power Hour to your day? Tell us in the comments or tag us in your own post about Power Hour on Instagram  @homestead_it

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