Our Homestead Oasis

Our homestead is an oasis.

When we first moved to our home it was an empty house, an open canvas, with a messy/trash filled yard, on the corner lot in an unsafe neighborhood. After spending months living in a hotel because our RV flooded and was destroyed this house with nothing in it was perfection! We went to Rooms to Go and purchased furniture for our living room, bedroom, and kitchen. We purchased accessories for our home from World Market, Lowes, and Walmart. We cleaned up the yard, build a fence around the backyard and made our home a place we love to be. Today, our home is an oasis.20180430_182947

We both work day jobs, Felix is in school, and I own a business but we’ve made our home be a place where we can work, relax, unwind, and enjoy time together. One of our first tasks after moving to our home was to clean out the yard and build a privacy fence. Next, in true homesteading form and doing our best to be self sufficient we purchased a shed for the backyard and got rid of our storage unit. In an effort to dispose of leftover food and eventually feed ourselves we got chickens. For me, I love to garden so we used leftover wood from the fence to make planter boxes. Felix loves to work on the yard and make it as green and weed/dead-spot free as possible. We power washed the driveway to get it as clean and in as excellent condition as possible.


Cosmetic homesteading aside we added entertaining options to make our home and livable and comfortable. We got bikes to take to the beach or ride around the neighborhood, got Felix’s childhood basketball net set up at our house, have a volleyball to bump around, and an above ground swimming pool to help us cool off from the hot and humid Florida days. You watch movies about people biking by the beach or swimming in their pool after a long, hard day. We live it. We don’t watch many movies, we currently don’t even have cable, Netflix, or Hulu. We live each day on our tiny .25 acre homestead to the fullest. We can entertain ourselves by watching the chickens or dogs play in the yard instead of mindlessly watching TV. I will say, we do occasionally watch a movie, or Felix plays on the PS3, but not too often. When we want to watch something it’s usually something crazy or informational on YouTube. My personal favorite YouTuber to watch is Weedem and Reep. As for subscriptions, we love Spotify! I use Spotify daily. It’s a great way to worship, to motivate yourself to clean, and also to add background noise when needed.


We never went on a honeymoon, we haven’t taken a vacation, we make our home the oasis that others travel to experience. In all honesty though we are super blessed by the region we live in. We are about 30 minutes from the beach, 30 minutes from the country, and 30 minutes from forests, lakes, rivers, and amazing hiking trails. This helps up be efficient with our resources and leaves room for us to relax and enjoy time off during our evenings and weekends. We know our homestead and lifestyle isn’t for everyone but it is perfect for us! Our homestead is our oasis and we wouldn’t have it any other way.



If you’re a homesteader tell us about your homestead oasis in the comments! We’d love to hear how you’ve made your home your favorite place to be!


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